If group courses are not for you or your company - or you need more detailed instruction (such as for business) - Espressly Italian also offers private lessons!

After an initial consultation to understand your goals, expectations and current level of Italian ability, a custom lesson plan is created for to satisfy you our your company's individual needs. The schedule is as flexible as needed.

In addition to grammar and verb training, ample practice time is included in each lesson. We will cover only topics and subjects that interest you so your instruction never gets dull. After all, if you are not enjoying our time together, neither of us will be successful!
  • Rate is $45 per person, per hour, maximum two persons
  • Prepayment for eight (8) hours required
  • For beginner/intermediate students, two-hour lessons recommended
  • Payment is due prior to first lesson
  • Payment may be done online using PayPal or Credit Card, but a $10.00 service fee is added


Lessons can be held in-home or in-office, or if preferred, a public location such as a coffee shop or cafe.

However, an additional $5 per session will be added to the lesson rate if travel distance is 30 minutes or 20 miles away from South Charlotte (Arboretum area).

Espressly Italian offers one-on-one training via Skype to help you reach your goals faster!

Start your exciting trip through Italy and its language without leaving home - in a unique, casual, and, most of all, effective way.

We offer four different types of courses for you to take advantage of…

Personalized Beginner's Course

For all our 8-lesson personalized courses, material for each individual lesson will be sent via email beforehand. This material includes course program, real-life dialogue with

English translation, grammar rule charts explained in English with customized exercises and audio file to practice pronunciation at your leisure.

In addition, you will receive a gift package with original Italian products!
  • $300.00 per course

Grammar Lessons – Theory and Practical Usage

Do you feel like you need to practice on a specific Italian grammar subject?

Espressly Italian offers you customized lessons focused only on what you really desire.

We will go through the grammar rules you need to refresh and practice with exercises purposely created for your own specific needs.

Materials will be sent to you by email before the lesson and correction and review of homework is included.
  • $25.00 per hour

Vocabulary Building

Practice Italian learning new words, expressions and idioms in a fun way, from the comfort of your living room!

Improve your Italian vocabulary, by the subject, according to your specific needs.

We will practice with customized exercises to understand the use of each word and we will improve the pronunciation practicing together.

After each lesson you will be able to continue your good work by listening to the audio files and printable flashcards that will be sent to you by email before every lesson.
  • $25.00 per hour


An hour of one-to-one conversation in Italian for those who are already confident with this beautiful language.

Keep up your skills, with a born and raised Italian from Florence, from the comfort of your own house.

Subject can either be an article/book you already have or can be suggested by Chiara according to your personal interests.

Schedule is totally customizable.
  • $20.00 per hour

Friday, September 7, 2012 2:11 pm
The Festival of the Rificolona is an event in Florence where a procession of the city youth continue an old custom of carrying unusually and bizarrly shaped lanterns of colored paper on top of a cane rod.
Chiara chooses interesting articles about Italy and we work on various concepts of grammar, pronunciation (I will read the article), and discuss new vocabulary words. It was an exciting time for me and I've learned and improved so much!
- Carol G., Rancho Bernardo, CA