If you've ever tried learning Italian, you may have had typical linear instruction: tedious grammar or verb books, teachers that shun English when you need clarification or other confusing or frustrating methods.

Attending a group course with me is much different and most of all, fun! Espressly Italian courses are designed to improve the spoken language. We read articles and engage in real dialog...we do some grammar, but with application - not by reading some table in a random book!

I try my best to make instill confidence by giving you as much space as you need and by pairing you with others of like ability! Best of all, classes are unique, non-repetitive and held at casual coffee shops instead of uninviting classrooms.

  • Weekly 2-hour sessions are $35, with a prepayment for four (4) consecutive sessions required
  • Payment is due prior to attending first session
  • Payment may be done online using PayPal or Credit Card, but we will add a $5.00 service fee
  • No refunds for non-attendance and no make-up sessions
  • Group size is limited to 7 people maximum

  • Espresso (Beginners)
    Grammar basics for first time students - learn in a fun way and start speaking Italian in no time!

  • Macchiato (Intermediate)
    Grammar and conversation. To improve on the basics and become more than just a tourist.

  • Cappuccino (Advanced)
    For those of who can clearly understand a native Italian speak and can hold conversation well. Practice makes perfect!

Friday, September 7, 2012 2:11 pm
The Festival of the Rificolona is an event in Florence where a procession of the city youth continue an old custom of carrying unusually and bizarrly shaped lanterns of colored paper on top of a cane rod.
Chiara is patient and encouraging with her students and teaches at a pace that is easy to understand and absorb. She ensures that everyone understands the material before moving on and is very open to questions or problems we may be having. She has a wonderful disposition and encourages learning in all aspects of her teaching.
- Fernanda S., Huntersville, NC