Saturday, July 9, 2011 4:10 pm EST

The Italian moka
In every Italian household you will find a caffettiera or moka which is what every Italian uses to make a good espresso at home (a casa).

Here is how to use it and make a perfect (perfetto) Caffé Italiano in four (quattro) simple steps:

  • Fill (riempire) the base with water (acqua) up to the steam escape valve (valvola).
  • Insert (inserire) the filter (filtro) and fill it with ground coffee without pressing
  • Screw (avvitare) the top section to the base and place it on the stove (fornelli) over low heat
  • When you hear the characteristic gurgle (borbottio) the coffee is ready to be served

The way the moka works, is that as the water boils, it makes its way up and through the coffee inside the filter and into the reservoir. And that is how in just minutes (in pochi minuti) you will have made a delicious (delizioso) Italian Espresso!

Remember: never wash your moka with soap, just use plain water and let it air dry open.