Friday, July 1, 2011 11:59 pm EST

Ben & Jerry's shop by the Duomo in Florence
After decades of an almost total lack of American food (cibo) franchises anywhere in Italy (aside from McDonald's…), Florence has surrendered to the Americans (gli americani).

Hard Rock Café and Ben & Jerry's each opened a Florence location - in historical areas and buildings (palazzi). The first one is near Piazza della Repubblica in place of (al posto di) an historical movie theater (cinema) and the second one to the side of (di fianco a) the Duomo!

Americans freed Italy at the end (alla fine) of World War II and now (adesso) they are back to invade it!

I guess the only difference (differenza) for American tourists (turisti) is that next time (la prossima volta) you visit Florence you will feel a little bit more at home (a casa).